what to do before trying to meet single rich man

Maybe you’re a beautiful young student, or a struggling model, or an aspiring actress. You’re putting yourself through school. You’re trying to make it as a writer or a dancer. You’ve got the looks, but not the cash.

Tired of being broke yet again, you decide to try to find meeting a single rich man. But before you decide that hunting season is open, and create an online profile or put yourself out there, here are a few things that you need to consider.

Find the thing that makes you stand out – and flaunt it

Maybe all your friends tell you that you are the most loyal person they know. Maybe you’re ambitious. Perhaps you graduated at the top of your physics program in university. There are tons of beautiful women out there. Some will be prettier than you, and others, not as beautiful. So you have to find the thing that makes you stand out, and don’t be afraid to broadcast it to the world.

Have ‘real’ photos of yourself taken to post online (if you are going the online dating route)

Everyone will posts glamour shots of themselves. While these photos are nice to look at, you should really have some normal photos of yourself online if you are hoping to create an online dating profile. Chances are, the rich and single man that you like to meet may down-to-earth girls – some men like natural girls who still look pretty.

Make sure you look your best

Before you start looking to meeting a single rich man, make sure you are at your best. Get that long-overdue haircut, get some new clothes and update your look, get your colors done at the makeup counter and make sure you are at a healthy weight. You want to look – and feel – desirable if you are to catch the attention of a single rich man.

Have your own hobbies, interests and friends

Before you jump headlong into any relationship, including a relationship with a single rich man, be sure you have your own life. Your hobbies and interests – whether you rock climb, sail or like to go to horseraces or dog shows – make you unique. Have your own set of friends, so that you don’t have to adopt his. All men, including single rich men, admire strong women who have their own lives

Know what kind of relationship you want

Do you want casual dating, a long-term relationship, or do you want to eventually find someone to spend the rest of your life with? Once you know, you will be better prepared to outline your wants, so that you won’t waste your time, or his.

Picture your ideal match

Are you looking for a working professional, or someone who came into a trust fund and travels around, enjoying the party lifestyle? Are you looking to travel, and are looking for a rich single man who wants a companion? Knowing what you want from a match is key before you start searching.

Know how far you are willing to go…. Geography wise

Your location will likely determine who you meet. If you live in a small town, your chances of finding a single rich man than if you lived in a big city. Try to cast your net wider by saying you’re willing to date someone in the next city as well, and that you are willing to travel.

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