The Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Finding Rich Men

Just as you can’t group all women together, you can’t clump all rich men into one group. All men like different things, but there are certain things that they are all going to dislike. As a smart, successful woman looking to find a rich man, you don’t want to make these mistakes. Here are six of the biggest errors that you want to avoid making when dating rich men.

Mistake #1: Looking for someone who is much older than you
You might be a perfect match – you’re a beautiful woman seeking a rich man who can take her out on the town, and he’s a rich man seeking a gorgeous lady. But if you’re 25 and he’s in his 70s or 80s, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you won’t have much in common. You might look to date a rich man who is closer to your own age.

Mistake #2: Being too picky

You refuse to settle for less than you deserve, and believe us, that is a good thing. You’ve worked way too hard to just give it all away to someone who doesn’t measure up to your high expectations. To that, we say bravo, and don’t give up. But remember that nobody is perfect. Don’t be quick to dismiss someone if he doesn’t meet ALL of your standards. He’s a rich man, smart, and handsome, but not as tall as you’d like? Go out with him anyway.

Mistake #3: Acting intimidating

You’re gorgeous and young, and you’re successful in your own right. Sometimes, you can give off an air of intimidation without meaning to. Don’t send a message that people are out of your league. If you are interested in a rich man, might make the first move – be extra friendly, smile and be approachable to indicate your interest.

Mistake #4: Not having any interest in his hobbies, goals and dreams
Relationships tend to do better when you have goals and hobbies in common. When you date someone, whether it’s a rich man, poor man or someone in between, you need to be sure to take an interest in his hobbies and interests. His hobby doesn’t have to be your hobby, but you should have an idea of what he likes to do with his free time, and have a healthy respect for it. It gives you something to talk about and to bond over.

Mistake #5: Dating a rich man you have nothing in common with
You may not be the best match if you want different things. Yes, he may be rich, and you may be desirable and beautiful, which looks like a good match in theory, but what are you going to talk about when it’s just the two of you? You need something – an interest, career, life goal, belief or a hobby – in common if you are going to make it work long-term.

Mistake #6: Being down on yourself
Confidence is sexy. So don’t be down on yourself. You’ve worked hard to be who you are. Be proud of yourself, respect yourself and remember that even though he is the one with money, you are worth being with.

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